PATERMO appeals to a strong, independent woman who decides on sustainable fashion with a contemporary ease.

Her style is between sporty elegance and modern nonchalance. She is looking for favorite pieces that claim to be timeless and easy to combine – this mix determines her look. She knows what she wants and won’t be distracted.

The PATERMO woman has no specific age. For her counts joie de vivre and humor. She loves fashion and wants to combine that passion with an awareness of the environment. She is brave and purist, spirited and subtle. Her appearance is positive. Always a bit too loud, she says what she thinks and has the heart in the right place. Her clothes emphasize her charisma, flatter her figure but never limit her living being.

High-quality materials and a traceable origin are important to us. „Made in Europe“ stands for responsible production and perfect processing, which we constantly review. In addition to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton, we also process upcycled stocks from other companies.

The first project is called “Mother” – a collection for women. This collection carries values that Alfonso has learned from an early age. The collection name stands for the beginning of this adventure and for the muse of his life, his mother. A proud warrior who lovingly tended, cared for and kept the family together.

Each piece of clothing also has a women’s name from the personal circle of the designer: a subtle reference to the claim to unite the best. This basic collection is to lay the foundation for a stylistically confident manner.